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Licensed Clinical Social Workers, You have found us! Now heres how we can help your practice.

Increasing Your Patient Pool

If you are one of the lucky LCSW's, you have a full schedule of cash patients. Your planner is full everyday. If you are like most, you have dead time in your schedule. You get calls from potential patients that have insurance and you dont accept them. We allow you to accept these patients into your practice and the other subsequent visits and / or referrals from these patients. Instead of having a dead afternoon, you can fill your schedule with these insurance patients. More patients means more money into your practice!
Eliminate the Cost Of Your Medical Billing Company

Lets face it. The Medical Billing process for LCSW Software is not that complicated. It might be more cost effective to do it on your own, than to pay a biller. Our medical billing software is only $19 / month / physician. If you are looking to cut costs in the upcoming year this is a way that you can do it.
Eliminate the Fear Involved with Using a New Software

Our software is very intuitive. We make sure that there is an easy logical process to entering in your patients and claims. Even if you make a mistake, our scrubbing process captures errors before it even goes out to the carriers. Availity clearing house sends back other errors that we put right on your homepage so no errors get lost. This is all great, but it is nothing compared to our customer service. We are there for you! We have your back! We will train, re-train and re-train, but in most cases after 1 hour of training the user doesnt need us anymore. Our Software is very easy to learn. Try our demo and see for yourself!
Cool Features!

Copy Claim Feature - We know you bill alot of the same codes. Just go into your patients record and click copy claim. Your claim is copied except for the line item. Put in your CPT code and your done.

Paperless Office - Upload documents to a patient file and securly access them from any computer with an internet connection.

Availity Responses - Acceptance / Denial Messages and Carrier Messages that are posted directly inside the patient file.

Follow Up System - No claims are lost and rejections are placed on your home page.

Setup Fee: $0
Monthly Fee: $19 / Provider
Scheduler: $10.00 / Practice (optional)